I'm J.D. Those are my initials, and they stand for anything you want them to. I'm a guy, I work at Starbucks, I enjoy soliciting truck drivers to blow their horns. Does that sound wrong? It is.


The National- Terrible Love (Alternate Version)

To sum up the past three, four, whatever years, here you go. This is a song.

This Is Goodbye

As you are reading this, I am now…

Off of tumblr.

For a split second, I actually thought about saying “dead” before going “loljk nah I just quit the site” but then I realized that people would actually probably take that seriously before reading the next line and it would be really really not funny. So none of that. I decided to keep the melodramatic start though.

(When I was a kid there actually was this one time where I thought it would be a great idea to try on my acting skills for April Fools and tell my mom that our dog was dead. Which didn’t seem like such a big deal since she wasn’t all that attached to the dog anyway and decided at various points in my childhood that we should give him away to a more functional family but never followed through with it.)

(It wasn’t a great idea.)

Anyway, if you guys could like, read this, I would appreciate it? Not that this is some astronomically huge deal or anything, but given I’m not going to be posting anything anymore and you are for whatever reason following me, it’s at least somewhat relevant? In any event we can tack how ridiculous it feels asking people to read your content as one of the reasons I’m bailing. ‘Cause like it feels really ridiculous.

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I just found this sitting in my drafts. It's a rough script from the series I'm working on. It's from a while ago, before I changed the character Aevus's name to Donovan. I don't really know what to make of it.

Sanos: I think they're vergian.

Rachel: Way to state the obvious.

Sanos: What? I don't think that's--

Rachel: They're virgins. Yeah, not that hard.

Sanos: Wait...

Aevus: Oh yeah, that's a thing. A 'vergian' is someone who can travel to Verge.

Aevus: Because they're repressed.

Aevus: That's why they detached from society and found solace in an alternate dimension where they developed super powers and turned into PMS'ing monster fiends.

Aevus: They just couldn't get laid.

Sanos: Um, yes, that's exactly right. The bridge to Verge is an unbroken hymen.

Rachel: Anyone got some roofies?

Geoffrey: I hate all of you.